Learn to keep anxiety at bay and live fully with intentional practices
In this webinar you will:
  • Things that block your higher self
  • Stress & Anxiety, where it comes from and how to deal with it
  • Fundamentals to alignment
  • Ways to access higher self
  • How to get further training
  • A meditation to access the higher self for creativity and or to get clarity 
Student success stories

Hannah Soutar

I can’t recommend Kevin’s services enough. I was struggling with quite severe anxiety for some time, had attended CBT courses, but didn’t really understand where it was stemming from. After just one hypnotherapy session, I couldn’t believe the difference and after 6 months of coaching and hypnotherapy, I felt like a completely different person. Better equipped to deal with my thoughts and with a much healthier outlook on life in general. A big thank you to Kev 🙂 Xx

Natalie Hyner

When I first came accross Kevin I was in such a bad place. Suffered with terrible anxiety. Immediately felt better after my first session. It helped as he explained how our brains work and I began to understand why I felt like I did. The hypnotherapy is realy relaxing and I felt better from the first session. I am looking forward to continuing my hypnotherapy sessions and I’m very grateful for Kevin’s time and efforts in helping me recover xx

Adam Lttle

I have been seeing kev for quite a while now and initially went as I was getting some pre fight nerves. After a few sessions I was starting to feel the benefits and now find my self feeling a lot calmer and relaxed on a day to day basis and noticed a massive difference in my everyday training as well. Now I see him regularly and would strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to make some changes in there life weather it be in sport or just on a day to day basis.

From our founder, Kevin Wilkinson

I’m a hypnotherapist, coach, NLP practitioner, and trained spiritual coach.

But more importantly, formerly a very anxious person myself. I had struggled to be in front of others at times, especially new people or crowds. My anxiety manifested itself in insomnia and massive weight gain.

Though my journey, I realized just how important nutrition, movement, breath and environment played on my state of mind and well being, leading to my business being very much a labour of love and the culmination of self discovery. 

Over the course of the past 16 years, I’ve invested heavily in courses coaches and mentors to discover what it takes to live a life by design instead of default. 

Managing my emotional state has been a massive part of creating the life I love and getting the most of myself. I’m so grateful for the education and discovery I’ve had so far and feel privileged to be able to share this knowledge and teachings with you.